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Someone recently asked us a very interesting question. A question to which we gave considerable thought before answering. A question which when answered gives fascinating insight into the personality of the person who gave that answer. That question was this; what is your favourite animal? At Mitchell and Webber we like animals so choosing just [&h...

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That Summery feeling…

Posted by Sara in News with Comments Off on That Summery feeling…

We know you miss summer so we are going to transport you there. Turn the thermostat up to 30 (we know this isn’t usually a good idea – but just for the purposes of this exercise of escapism it will be ok). Now close your eyes and breathe in and out…. We have just realised […]

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modern day entertainment

Posted by Sara in News with Comments Off on modern day entertainment

  The trouble with modern day home entertainment systems is that they are too good. We have libraries of film accessible at the touch of a button. Entire box sets of series ready to watch back to back whenever the inclination takes us. We can link our phones and our computers to the TV and […]

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Monday Decisions

Posted by Sara in News with Comments Off on Monday Decisions

Mondays are difficult enough without the added pressure of decision-making. The day begins with the difficult choice… to snooze or not to snooze? Most people, especially on a Monday morning, choose to snooze. That is all very well if you remember to use the snooze option on your alarm. All too often in a dreamlike […]

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Posted by Sara in News with Comments Off on Mittens

Dear The Person who invented the mitten. You know who you are. We are writing to complain about the impractical design of your creation. We appreciate that in some situations they help to prevent the painful onset of frostbite and do envelope the hands in warmth but one cannot continue with normal life when sporting […]

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Winter Garden

Posted by Sara in News with Comments Off on Winter Garden

As I write this I am looking over my garden feeling a little bit guilty. I haven’t raked any leaves up for a while and there are quite a few bushes in need of pruning and blooms that need de-heading. There are brown shrubs in pots on the patio and a few broken branches hanging […]

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Winter Holiday

Posted by Sara in News with Comments Off on Winter Holiday

We like winter. We like warm, snuggly nights in on the sofa. We like wrapping up in knitted layers so that we go outside with only our noses showing through. We like playing in the snow and walking on the beach in the bitterly cold winds. Why? We just do. But we don’t like rain. […]

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We heart you

Posted by Sara in News with Comments Off on We heart you

Now you know from reading our blogs that we love the South West. We love everything about it from the S to the O to the U to the… well, you get the point. But recently we have discovered something else; we love the people of the South West too. We love their resilience. Following […]

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Colouring Competition

Posted by Sara in News with Comments Off on Colouring Competition

We believe the children are our future, Teach them well and let them lead the way, Show them all the beauty they possess inside, And ask their school if they want to take part in our colouring competition. To celebrate the opening of our new Tiverton Depot, we have designed a competition for the most […]

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Stay Safe

Posted by Sara in News with Comments Off on Stay Safe

  With countless weather warnings in place, the effects of torrential rain and gale force winds are easy to see along our coast so it makes sense to be prepared. It is heart-breaking to see the people in the places we know and love working hard to restore order in the aftermath of the storm. […]

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