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Thank you

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Customer feedback is incredibly important to us. If you are warm and happy so are we. There are a few customer comments recently received and as you can see the common consensus is that we are fast. We’ve not been in in this game for over 100 years for nothing!!! We’re still going strong for […]

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Here’s to the Future

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We are extremely proud of our history. There have been many achievements for us over the past 100 years  but last year may have been our best year yet. So much happened to us during 2013 it seemed to whiz by in a bit of a blur! We attended as many agricultural shows as we […]

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Posted by Sara in News with Comments Off on Today

HAVE YOU SEEN THE WEATHER FORECAST! It’s going to be sunny today! We can expect the balmy heights of 12 degrees! We don’t even remember what that feels like. Now I know you are now reading this absent-mindedly because you are trying to remember where you put your sunglasses, but before we lose your attention […]

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Are you prepared?

Posted by Sara in News with Comments Off on Are you prepared?

Our motto is be prepared. We like everything to be in place so whatever happens we are ready. ALWAYS. We are the sort of people who keep an emergency breakdown kit in our cars complete with a torch and blanket. Our desks are always neatly organised and fully stocked and we never lose our staplers and […]

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March is Here

Posted by Sara in News with Comments Off on March is Here

  Wow. We cannot believe it is March already. Officially that means spring has arrived and there are signs of it everywhere we look. Snowdrops are blooming under hedgerows and beautiful purple crocuses have sprouted up in the most bizarre places. These flowers are extremely keen for the end of winter and their eagnerness is […]

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Tea Battles

Posted by Sara in News with Comments Off on Tea Battles

A daily battle is underway in nearly every household in Britain. In some homes it is a battle that is barely noticed; in some it is a loud and angry fight that no bystander can ignore. we refer of course to the battle know as ‘whose turn it is to make the tea’. It is […]

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Posted by Sara in News with Comments Off on Statistics

We are often suspicious of surveys and statistics. When we hear sentences that start ‘1 in 5 adults…’  or ‘90% of homeowners…’ I often wonder why no one asked me what I think. I have never had anyone question my opinions, driving habits or sleeping patterns. I have never been asked my weight, never been asked [...

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Round things

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Round things are great aren’t they? Clocks, wheels, balls… it must be something to do with the face they can spin and roll. Yep, spinning and rolling is fun. Take the hoola hoop for example. Anything that can get one’s hips rotating like that has to be a good thing. We have even had experience […]

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Happy Valentines Day

Posted by Sara in News with Comments Off on Happy Valentines Day

We just thought we would take a moment on this miserable, grey day to wish you a Happy Valentines Day. Being in love often fills you with a joyful and warm glow. We hope that today you have been inundated by cards and gifts from loved ones and secret admirers… but if that’s not the […]

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Romantic Preparations

Posted by Sara in News with Comments Off on Romantic Preparations

Four days and counting to the most romantic day on the calendar  AKA the biggest rip off of the year. Flowers  miraculously double in price and heart shaped chocolates appear on the shelves in every single shop on the planet. You have to buy a card, go for dinner and even splash out on expensive […]

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    Mitchell & Webber Ltd, Fuel Depot, Scorrier, Redruth, Cornwall, TR16 5UT Sales: 01209 821676
    Plymouth Depot, Marine Fields, Clovelly Road, Plymouth, PL4 0RF Sales: 01752 845660
    Holsworthy Depot, Waldon Way, Holsworthy, Devon, EX22 6ER Tel: 01409 413444
    Tiverton Depot, Maidendown Stage, Burlescombe, Tiverton, Devon, EX16 7JX Tel: 01823 703939
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