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We have attempted to answer common questions

Q Why have we started marketing a Premium Gas Oil?

A It appears that the latest off-road vehicles have been developed on European off road diesel – which is closer in quality to our DERV (BS EN 590). UK Gas Oil has lower cetane number and no lubricity spec compared to DERV. Although UK poorer gas oil quality is not new, the latest vehicle technology appears to have been “squeezed” to meet lower emission limits. Such a “squeeze” regularly puts stress on fuel quality – and some of customers have reported that the latest engines can run rough on UK Gas Oil.

Q What are the key benefits of Premium Gas Oil?

A M&W Premium Gas Oil improves pulling power; promotes easier starting, smoother running and better protection; lowers fuel consumption, black smoke and emissions; reduces sludge, fuel contamination and water problems

Q How does Premium Gas Oil work?

A Premium Gas Oil has special ingredients that improve instantaneous combustion, help avoid fuel degradation, water contamination and provides protection by coating critical metal surfaces

Q Can I mix Premium Gas Oil with the regular Gas Oil in my tank?

A Yes, they will be completely compatible. Depending upon how much regular Gas Oil is already in you tank, the full may benefit may not be achieved until the second fill-up

Q Will any warranties on my vehicles be affected?

A No, the product meets the same British Standard BS2869 as normal Gas Oil and therefore should not have any effect on any warranties

Q Will there by any adverse effects to the product in very cold or very hot temperatures?

A No, Premium Gas Oil will behave in the same way as regular Gas Oil in extremes of weather, in fact this fuel will remain fresher for longer in very hot temperatures

Q Will Premium Gas Oil be compatible with my vehicle and do I need to consult my vehicle manufacturer first?

A Premium Gas Oil meets the same BS 2869 specification and is therefore compatible with your vehicle if you are currently using regular Gas Oil

Q Can I extend my vehicle service intervals if I use M&W Premium Gas Oil?

A We recommend vehicles are serviced at the prescribed service intervals. Your service engineer may notice lower numbers of “in service” error codes when running on Premium Gas Oil.

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